Rent ribs in Andros. Rent a boat in a few clicks ✓With or without skipper.

RIB “Splash” (8.5m/250hp Yamaha/12 persons)

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RIB “Charlotte” (5.5m/150hp Evinrude/7 persons)

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Rent ribs in Andros

to discover Andros with the surrounding islands, Tinos, Mykonos, Syros and feel the true magic of the Mediterranean sea! “Riva rentals” is a group of experienced skippers who have joined together in a mission of introducing travellers to the incredible world of Cyclades.Sea is our life and passion and our team is eager to share with you the endless mysteries and fascinating landscapes of Mediterranean. Just choose a destination, whether you need a skipper, and start exploring Greek islands from an entirely new perspective.

Rent ribs in Andros in our boat rental, with or without a skipper? Depending on your experience and comfort level, you can choose to rent a boat with or without a skipper. On the one hand, chartering a boat with a skipper offers many advantages, such as increased safety, expert knowledge of the best destinations and routes and, overall, a more relaxing and carefree experience. On the other hand, renting without a skipper will give you the opportunity to become keen sailors. There may be certain conditions that must be met to rent a boat without a skipper.

Share Riva Rentals with your friends & family. Stay in our apartments and enjoy our facilities. Make a tour with skipper or rent a boat by your self.

Rent boats or ribs in Andros in a few clicks ✓With or without skipper.

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