Boats in Andros: With our rental boats you can access very easily and quickly all the beautiful beaches of Andros, enjoying boating.

Boat Poseidon “Caroline” (5mt/30hp Yamaha/4 stroke/starter/6 persons)

  • Ενοικιάζόμενες βάρκες στην Άνδρο

Boat Pioner 15 (4.5mt/20hp Yamaha/4 stroke starter or 2 stroke manual/4 persons)

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Boats in Andros

Andros beaches: Unspoiled beaches such as Achla (and not only), while it takes 90 minutes by road and from a difficult road. With our boats you can reach the beach in only 10 minutes. Also a very exciting destination is the shipwreck of Vori. You can also try your luck at all kinds of amateur fishing from a boat such as spearfishing!

You may have the best opportunity to explore the beautiful and full of surprises seabed of Andros. So you can visit places that are impossible to go by car, and make freediving. No driving license required. Our boats were built in Norway (PIONER 15) and are considered unsinkable as they have six seals and all European requirements. Because it has excellent navigation and behavior, it can comfortably and safely transport up to 4-6 people.

Boats in Andros: So we suggest you some of the most beautiful beaches that you can visit very easily with our rental boats or inflatables. Starting from the port of Chora at the North. You will come across the following beaches in the order we write them. Enjoy a boat trip to explore beautiful destinations and the crystal clear waters of Andros. With plenty of swimming stops. Also these boat tours will give you the chance to explore the island by sea in the most relaxing way.

With our boats in Andros you can visit Ta Gialia – Piso Gialia – Platanos and Piso Platanos, The Church and Theotoko beach – Ta Achla – Metaleio or Platanisto, – Rozou – Vori – Lefka – Ateni. Andros boat tours are the best way to explore the island’s magnificent coastline, beaches and underwater world. Stay in our apartments and enjoy our facilities. Make a tour with skipper or rent a boat by your self.

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