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in Andros (electric mountain bikes) and explore the best places in Andros Island!In our shop in the main beach of Chora Andros (Nimporio) we created a new benefit of renting cyclist… One of the better ways for exploration of the island can become with scooter! We have made many tracks of the island, with Gps and we are in the position to offer you all the information you will need!

How pleasant is it to discover the picturesque corners and secret paths of such a picturesque island as Andros? With your electric bike, this experience turns into an even more unforgettable adventure.

Start your exploration from the central town of Chora and let the Aegean wind lead you to discoveries. Pass through the picturesque alleys, see the traditional harbors, and explore the unique attractions hidden in every corner of the island.

From green valleys to rugged coastlines, your electric bike will take you to unique experiences and hospitality. Climb the hills to enjoy the stunning views of the Aegean, and descend to the beaches to find the perfect station for a cool swim.

And don’t forget the traditional villages, hidden among the hills, waiting to be discovered. On the electric bike ride, you can easily reach these little paradises and enjoy their authentic hospitality and atmosphere.

Let your electric bike be your companion on this unrepeatable adventure in Andros. And start your beauty journey

Having explored many routes of the island, with our safe and branded bikes, which we have also mapped with GPS, we are able to offer you all the information you will need to make the exploration more fun!

Electric bike ride in Andros

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