Chora, Andros (Greece)


Spring Sariza Andros

Spring Sariza Andros

Spring Sariza Andros

The legend tells of a Pasha named San-rizas, residing on the island of Evia, who allegedly lost his fez in a stream that flowed into the village of Apikia on Andros, giving the stream its name. Thus, it is believed that the Sariza spring is linked to Evia.

While the exact origins of the marble fountain at the Sariza spring remain unknown, historical records indicate that it was established in 1787 through the efforts and oversight of Makarios Polemis. This natural water source served multiple purposes, providing water for the local residents, irrigation for agricultural lands, and a spot for the women of the village to wash clothes.

Spring Sariza Andros

The Sariza spring on Andros is renowned for its rich mineral content, boasting waters with purported healing properties. A nearby sign emphasizes this, reminding visitors: “Hello stranger, remember when you return home that your very existence owes much to me.”

The volume of water flowing from the Sariza spring remains consistent, with a local bottling factory harnessing this precious resource and occasionally exporting it abroad. It’s noteworthy that the quality and reputation of Sariza water are often likened to the renowned French water, Evian.

 Spring Sariza Andros

The amount of water from this source is stable. In the village its a factory for bottling this precious water and sometimes made exports abroad … Note also that the quality and reputation is often compared to the popular French water, Evian .

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