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andros best things to do

Andros best things to do – Best Places to Visit

You’re planning to visit Andros during your next trip to Greece? You want to know everything about the best things to do in Andros?

You’re at the right place!

Authentic and peaceful, protected from mass tourism, the second largest island in the Cyclades is also the most fertile and greenest thanks to its many springs and streams. It’s a real paradise for hikers .

In order to help you plan your stay, I have prepared for you this guide of the best places to visit in Andros, with all points of interest and must-see attractions.

Best tips to make the most of your stay.

So, what to do in Andros? Where to stay?

Visit Andros or Hora – andros best things to do

Hora (also named “Andros”, like the island) is the island’s capital. It’s clearly the village you have to visit in Andros!

You won’t find here the typical white washed houses with blue shutters. In Hora, most houses were built in a neoclassical architecture with red tiles roofs. 

When visiting Hora, wander in the main street, starting from the upper city. On this pedestrian street paved with marble, you will enjoy many shops and typical Greek taverns. Don’t miss Kairi Square, a nice shaded square with a large marble fountain. It’s a great place to have a drink on a terrace.

Follow the main street to arrive at the seaside. There, you will see the remains of an ancient Venetian Castle from the 13th century, built on a small rock. With its small broken stone bridge, it’s a lovely place to take pictures.

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In Hora, you can also visit 2 great museums:

  • The Archaeological Museum, and its collection of ancient objects discovered on the island, mostly in Zagora and Paleopolis.
  • The Museum of Contemporary Arts, or MOCA: there, you will enjoy modern sculptures from famous Greek artists, and great painting exhibits.

Rent electric mountain bikes or hike – andros best things to do!

If you’re a bicycle lover or a hiker, then Andros is the perfect island for you.

There are many marked trails on the island. Andros was awarded as a “Leading quality Trails – Best of Europe” destination, meaning that it’s one of the best places to hike in Europe.

You can walk on many trails or ride on dirty roads.

There are numerous itineraries you can follow during your hikes in Andros. Here are some of the island’s best hikes:

  • Hora – Lamyria – Menites – Monastery of Panachrantos: during this hike, you will discover one of the island’s most beautiful monasteries.
  • Hora – Apikia – Vourkoti – A 6.8 km-long walk, lasting around 2h30.
  • Hora – Sineti – Dipotama – Kohylou – Korthi: enjoy the lush vegetation of the Dipotama gorges!
  • Vourkoti – Moni Agios Nikolaos – Achla Beach, a splendid hike: you will see a beautiful monastery and end your walk at one of Andros’ best beaches.
andros best things to do
andros best things to do

Boat trip around Andros – andros best things to do

Boat trips are for sure one of the best things to do during your holidays in Andros.

Most cruises are starting from Chora . It’s clearly the best way to access remote beaches you can’t reach by car, go snorkeling and enjoy the island’s beautiful landscape!

During this cruises, you can discover the island and its many beaches. You can also choose a cruise at sunset, to admire it from the boat.

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andros best things to do

An important note: some of Andros’ best beaches are only accessible by 4WD, on foot or by boat. For example, the beaches of Achla, RozouVori,Lefka,Vitali or Zorkos, located North East of Hora, can’t be reached by car but the best way is with a boat.

Where to stay in Andros – andros best things to do

If you’re looking for a place to stay in Andros, we will have the choice for you …

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andros where to stay

The other best villages to see around Andros – andros best things to do

The island offers many other points of interest. During your trip, you can for example visit some of the most beautiful villages…

  • Stenies, close to Hora. There, you will admire many neoclassical houses.
  • Apikia: where Sariza spring ( mineral water, sold all around the island) is located.
  • Menites, a mountain village, famous for its springs
  • Aladinou where in the cave Foros
  • Sineti, at the end of Dipotama gorges. Don’t miss the many watermills!

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