Pithara watersfalls in Andros

Hiking or trekking in Andros Pithara : The waterfall Pithara is found in distance of ten-minute walk from Apoikia .The path that leads to this, is smooth and drowned in the ivy and predisposes for that it follows! Her abundant waters run impetuously in to green all around landscape shaping waterfalls and lakes where the aquatic life abounds. Infrequent species of plants  sprout in all the  length of glen. From 1863 up to 1936 moves, little below in Stenies  village, the bigger watermill of Balkans, Fabrika!

Source Sariza Andros

The legend says Pasha with name San-rizas, living on the island of Evia, lost his fez in a stream which came to the village Apikia of Andros on a source which took its name … So say that the source Sarizais connected with Evia.

 The exact restoration of the marble fountain, of the source remains unknown, we know that the source Sariza founded in 1787 with expenses and supervision of Makarios Polemis. The water source was used for three reasons:  water of the residents,  for watering the land, and for the washing clothes by the women of the village!

The source Sariza of Andros is rich in various metals. The spring water has cured properties  … A sign near the source also says this: “Hello stranger remember when you get back home that first of all you live because of me . “

The amount of water from this source is stable. In the village its a factory for bottling this precious water and sometimes made exports abroad … Note also that the quality and reputation is often compared to the popular French water, Evian .