Andros Vori Andros (with bicycle)

Andros Vori with bicycle .

Andros-Vori Beach-Andros. Of the most difficult and most beautiful courses! Good company…Target ,  one of the most beautiful beaches of the island, Vori. A route that can be combined as a daily excursion for guests who are looking for something different! Enjoy…

Andros Vori : Video  from the track…

Start time: 06/10/2012 16:02 Finish time: 06/10/2012 22:03 Distance: 45,2 km (05:57)Moving time: 04:39 Average speed: 7,6 km/h Avg. Speed Mov.: 9,7 km/h  Max. Speed: 58,8 km/h Minimum altitude: 43 m Maximum altitude: 787 m Rise speed: 403,7 m/h Fall speed: -908,6 m/h Elevation gain: 1357 m Elevation loss: -1321 m Rise time: 03:21 Fall time: 01:27

Older ride to Vori beach  ,  Vori beach with our boats 

Mtb in Andros – Profitis Ilias – Ano Pitrofos with bike

Bike in Andros. One of my favorite tracks is Prophet Ilias above Pitrofo . This road by bicycle is one of the most beautiful because it has all the elements that make it exciting …Starting with good company, from the river near Nimporio beach and go to the cross of Mesaria, you understand the ride will have enough soil … The on road start from there (Mesaria) and reaches up to Pitrofos where it has another cross for Ano Pitrofos where you make left (about 5 km) .After that you will come back on road just before the Stayropeda,! Then just before Stavropeda you make right for the off-road part to climb at the church of Profitis Ilias. This is the most difficult and most beautiful point of the track, because of the large slope and especially in finishing just before the Church, makes you feel proud that you can climb this! The icing on the cake comes at the end of this off-road track (6-7 km) we are doing right and catch a wild and unfortunate path which comes out on Strapouries …

A path approximately 4 hours 30 km. overall, total climbing 884 m.  (Maximum altitude 652m.), very close to the town of Andros with incredible views! Anyone who wants more information, GPS maps, etc … I will be happy to help!

Andros Achla rent a bicycle – bike


Andros Achla rent a bicycle – rent a bike

In our shop in the main beach of Chora Andros (Nimporio) we created a new benefit of renting cyclist… One of the better ways for exercise and exploration of the island can become with bicycle! We have made many tracks of the island, with GPS, and we are in the position to offer you all the information you will need!

One of the most beautiful sports you can do on our beautiful island is mountain bikingUnlimited tracks and paths that some of them  I have mapped to Andros has a hard way for cyclists in general … Every trip a unique experience … The route Chora – Vourkoti  Achla  Apikia – Chora is really beautifulA total of 41 km with at least 16 of them ground and green … The goal is of course Achla beach, which is one of the most beautiful on the islanddifficult route but so beautiful, that one time is not enough!

mtb in andros


mtb in andros

One of the most beautiful sports you can do on our beautiful island is mountain biking! Unlimited tracks and paths that some of them I have mapped to Andros has a hard way for cyclists in general … Every trip a unique experience … The route Chora – Vourkoti Achla Apikia – Chora is really beautiful! A total of 41 km with at least 16 of them ground and green … The goal is of course Achla beach, which is one of the most beautiful on the island! A difficult route but so beautiful, that one time is not enough!