Andros excursion in Achla with our boats

Andros excursion in Achla : Everyone was on time and ready to go on a boat…Andros excursion . After a quick theoretical lesson, adventure can now begin! First we stop at the rock of Theotokos and we see the famous Mavropetritis hawk and then we visit at Vori beach… At the end we go to the magnificent beach of Axla! Really fast we secure the boats ,we fix the tents, the fire lit and the evening ran deliciously over a good meal to the fire, and then ended on a few notes of guitar and songs shared on the corner of fire.If you want to visit Achla  beach with our  boats ,always you can call us.

Andros Vori Andros (with bicycle)

Andros Vori with bicycle .

Andros-Vori Beach-Andros. Of the most difficult and most beautiful courses! Good company…Target ,  one of the most beautiful beaches of the island, Vori. A route that can be combined as a daily excursion for guests who are looking for something different! Enjoy…

Andros Vori : Video  from the track…

Start time: 06/10/2012 16:02 Finish time: 06/10/2012 22:03 Distance: 45,2 km (05:57)Moving time: 04:39 Average speed: 7,6 km/h Avg. Speed Mov.: 9,7 km/h  Max. Speed: 58,8 km/h Minimum altitude: 43 m Maximum altitude: 787 m Rise speed: 403,7 m/h Fall speed: -908,6 m/h Elevation gain: 1357 m Elevation loss: -1321 m Rise time: 03:21 Fall time: 01:27

Older ride to Vori beach  ,  Vori beach with our boats 

Theotokos Andros visit with our boats

Theotokos beach in Andros .

Theotokos beach is located near Chora of Andros. Main characteristic of this beach is the pebble and a small river in the middle of beach. In distance of 100 meters from the beach you find the rocky island of Theotokos with a small church . The rocky island of Theotokos is acquaintance for the big colony of Mavropetriti, protected species of falcon, that each year it migrates from Madagascar to Andros for reproduction. The rocky island Theotokos is characterized absolute protection area .That means that the visit in this place must be without to the falcon to be bothered . The sea bottom round the beach is amazing and is offered for free diving and fishing by boat or land. You can visit Theotokos with our boats that you can rent for fishing, swimming, and you can try to take a photo from Mavropetriti that lives in this place.

Vori beach in Andros

Vori beach is as a small paradise. It a little way from Chora – Andros but you can go easily with a boat. The aquamarine waters are incredibly diaphanous and it’s a very quit place! It is ideal beach to explore the bottom of the sea, and if you are lucky can you see until marine turtles! Behind the rocks, near Vori you will find a impressive shipwreck (from 1996 ) . The valley of Vori is green all around because of a river that crosses the beach, and for this reason is not particularly infrequent you see small turtles around. A fantastic beach to discover with a boat !

Vori beach in Andros from Google maps .

Visit Achla beach Andros with our boats

Achla beach Andros

Achla beach is located in the north-eastern coast of Andros island. It has fine white sand in good proportion, while trees give shade and render this beach ideal for rest. Here it is the small church of Saint Nikolaos, and “Grias” lighthouse. The sea has lull even with possible wind. There is a small but impressive biotope, with rill and plane that leads near the sea.