Faneromenis Castle in Andros

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Andros : The Castle of Faneromenis in Andros was build from the Venetians, north from Korthi, in altitude around 600 m. It could protect one thousand people and it was considered impenetrable because of the high rocks that surround it. According to the legend, the Turks, that could not occupy it, sent in the castle a old woman with her pregnant girl to ask for help, however the evening the old woman opened the gate of the castle, and entered the Turks that slaughtered all the people. After that the old woman, regretted for her action, went up in a tall rock and jump in the sea. Today if you reach the castle from a path from Kochilou, you will see that exist ruins from homes and churches, and the church of Faneromenis. The most important thing to see is the fantastic view in light blue Aegean.

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