Pithara waterfalls in Andros

Pithara watersfalls in Andros

Pithara waterfalls in Andros

Hiking or trekking in Andros Pithara :The stream of Pithara in Apoikia is an enchanting destination worth exploring. With a distance of only a ten-minute walk from Apoikia, the path leading to it is smooth and surrounded by ivy, creating a peaceful atmosphere that predisposes to a unique experience.

Andros hiking apikia: The waters of Pithara rush through the green landscape, creating waterfalls and lakes where aquatic life follows its natural cycle. Rare species of plants and wildflowers flourish along the ravine, lending a special character to this natural environment.

From 1863 to 1936, a little further down, in Stenies, the Factory operated, the largest water mill in the Balkans. This history adds even more interest and richness to the place, making it even more unique to visit and discover.

Pithara waterfalls in Andros

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