Andros bicycle rental – rent a ebike

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Andros bicycle rental – rent a ebike

In our shop in the main beach of Chora Andros (Nimporio) we created a new benefit of renting cyclist… One of the better ways for exercise and exploration of the island can become with bicycle! We have made many tracks of the island, with GPS, and we are in the position to offer you all the information you will need!

One of the most beautiful sports you can do on our beautiful island is mountain bikingUnlimited tracks and paths that some of them  I have mapped to Andros has a hard way for cyclists in general … Every trip a unique experience … The route Chora – Vourkoti  Achla  Apikia – Chora is really beautifulA total of 41 km with at least 16 of them ground and green … The goal is of course Achla beach, which is one of the most beautiful on the islanddifficult route but so beautiful, that one time is not enough!

Andros bicycle rental – rent a ebike: Choose one of our accommodation in Andros a few clicks ✓. See availability.

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  1. Georgia Manouka

    Ψαχνω να βρω αν υπαρχει δυνατοτητα ενοικιασης ποδηλατου στο νησι και δε βγαζω ακρη. Γνωριζετε αν γινεται; Ευχαριστω.

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