Agia Marina Andros

agia marina andros

Agia Marina Andros

The Agia Marina Monastery, nestled opposite Apoikia of Andros and renowned for the sacred Sariza water, has a rich history dating back to A.D. 1325. Legend has it that Agia Marina herself appeared to a monk, guiding him to discover her icon within a crevice of a rock. However, adversity struck in the 16th century as the monastery endured three devastating pirate attacks, diminishing its former splendor. By 1743, only five monks remained, until Agia Marina intervened once more, bringing Monk Sofronio to revitalize the monastery. Sacrificing his possessions in Peloponnese, Sofronio embarked on a mission to refurbish and transform the monastery into a haven for women in 1746 A.D.

Despite its significance, Agia Marina Andros Monastery closed its doors in 1833 A.D., with the holy icon of Agia Marina finding refuge in the Holy Temple of Andros, Panagia, for 146 years. The monastery lay in ruins during this period, until the stirring call of Agia Marina resounded once again in 1975. Moved by the plight of the monastery’s remnants, Metropolitan Dorotheos implored Monk Kypriano to undertake its restoration. Initially hesitant, Kypriano’s doubts were dispelled when Agia Marina appeared in his dreams, promising her presence and guidance in the reconstruction efforts.

For five years, Monk Kiprianos labored tirelessly, and through his dedication, the monastery was resurrected. Since its revival, the monastery has gained widespread acclaim, with Agia Marina revered as the protector of all children.

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Monastery Agia marina Andros