Agia Marina Andros

The Monastery  of Agia Marina is located opposite Apoikia of Andros ,where comes the famous water Sariza , dates from a.d. 1325. Agia Marina shows herself to a Monk and indicates him to find her icon in a slot of a rock! During the 16th century, the monastery burns three times from the pirates, losing the old glamour, and at 1743 counts only 5 monks .Then Agia Marina make another miracles, and brings in the Monastery the monk Sofronio. He sells his property in Peloponnese and fully refurbishes the monastery and converts it to a female Monastery in 1746 a.d .

Agia Marina Monastery has been closed at 1833 a.d. The holy icon of Agia Marina , stay in the Holy Temple of Andros,  Panagia, where  remains for 146 years!!! The monastery has been fully destroyed at this period.

One and a half century after, the call of Agia Marina! Suddenly one day in 1975, the Metropolitan of Syros, Tinos, Andros Dorotheos, passing from the ruins of the monastery asks with pain from the monk Kypriano to rebuild the Monastery! In the begging he denies having other plans, but receives the visit of Agia Marina, which appears at the same night in his dreams and says: ‘ I am Marina, me and my two sisters’ lives above the monastery. You will see me every day. Together we will rebuild the monastery…’

So Monk Kiprianos, works hard for five years and rebuild the Monastery! Since then the monastery became famous, and Agia Marina protect all the children.

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